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Since the age of 3, I have been fascinated by color, be it in clothes, interiors, outdoors or food. I was born in India, raised in the Middle East (Dubai, Abudhabi and Muscat), and lived in the USA since my college days in 1999. My adventurous nomadic life allowed me to experience different cultures and my art depicts this in its variety of color and texture. After spending several years in Training and Organizational development departments of corporations including IBM and Cigna Health, I decided it was time to make a switch, after completing my first yoga teacher training in 2013.  Pittura Arte, my line of unique handpainted one of a kind accessories, was born out of the idea of taking art to something wearable and functional.

Fine Art will always be my first love, and nothing excites me more than bringing acrylic paints, oil bars  and oil pastels together on a blank canvas with my bare hands, brushes, knives and pretty much any object I can find around me . Endless possibilities. Abstracts filled with textures and layers are my forte, but I dabblee in still life, landscapes, and black and white sketches as well. I am inspired by Paul Signac’s pointilism technique as well as the abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollack. 

When I am creating art or teaching yoga, she is busy with her other passions that include singing, writing, cooking, travel, interior design, swimming, and engaging in philosophical conversations with family and friends.


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